Hiding Apps From Your Android Device

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Hiding apps in android is one of the newest ways for the developers to make their applications popular and appealing to android users. There are several advantages of hiding apps in android devices. The main advantage is that you don’t have to constantly update your application. You don’t have to get an application updated to keep it secure in the market.

Hiding an app from android devices is a great solution for android security. By hiding an app you don’t have to disclose it to all the users that are using your application. The more applications you provide in the android devices the more android devices will be used by the users. That means that android devices will increase your profits.


Hidden android applications help android devices gain more profits by not requiring users to purchase the full version of the application. The more android devices you have the more users you will have. But that doesn’t mean that you have to provide an application with everything in the market. You can offer certain features and allow the users to download them from other websites.

It is always recommended to keep your application hidden.

Why? Because people are afraid of unknown sites on android devices. They think that every website that appears on their device is a spyware or virus. So when people see your application they won’t install it because they think that you’re a spy.

Hiding an app makes your android devices more secured. When users don’t see the icon on the screen they will not uninstall the application. They will just delete it from their devices. This will help you increase your profits.


If your business offers applications that are mostly paid then hiding it from your users is a good idea. People tend to trust the official android devices of Google more than the ones that have free android versions. That’s why if you have paid apps on your android devices you should make sure that users know about it. This will make your paid apps more popular among android devices.


Hiding an app will also make your device look more professional. Most android devices now come with a skin over the entire operating system. When you use default themes for android devices, they look very generic and not very attractive. You can hide your app and replace it with a different theme. This will make your device look more attractive and unique.

Hiding an app will also make your android development life easier. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of creating a new manifest file every time you add or modify some feature. Just use a standard android manifest template and your modifications will be applied automatically. Now that you know how to do this successfully, you should start hiding android apps today.

There are some considerations when you are hiding android apps. If you are targeting an audience with a particular brand, you might want to make sure that the application is themed appropriately. This means that users who are not interested in your application will not be tempted to open it. For this reason you should also consider the installed features of your Android device.

You should also think about hiding apps that are not used often. Many devices have a random junk drawer where apps that were used recently are kept. These apps will only cause a decrease in your Android usage. As a matter of fact, you should consider removing these apps from your device and replacing them with useful ones. This way you will free up memory space and improve your device performance.

If you are hiding an app because you think that it is a security risk then you are wrong. If you really think that apps that are not used often should not be accessible to users then you can go ahead and delete them. This will ensure that you are safe from hackers who might get hold of your personal and business information. At the same time, this will keep users from having to deal with annoying advertisements.

Hiding apps from users can be done in two ways

You can opt for the traditional method of deleting them from your device or go for the newer alternative of hiding them from the settings. The first option may prove to be more effective but will take more space from your memory card. The second option is much faster and will not take any extra storage space. The best option is to hide these android programs from the settings so that they cannot be accessed by anyone else.

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